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Product Type

2day Ship:We will ship your door within 2 days of your order.

Accessories:Upgrades and add-ons to make your door function the way you need it.

Standard:Standard Doors tend to have wider frames that allow one size to fit a variety of opening dimensions.

Custom:Custom Doors require full measurements be taken of the fireplace and each door is uniquely made to fit that specific opening.

Fit Type

Masonry:A fireplace made from building materials like brick or stone.

Zero Clearance:Fireplaces are pre-manufactured metal fireboxes with coinciding metal flue pipe.
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Finishes:The Thermo-Rite powder coat palette has eight durable color options. The majority of powder coat finishes come now in textured finishes which reduce fingerprinting and the potential for scratching or marring. All Thermo-Rite doors come with a five-year warranty on the frame to be free from any manufacturing defects. These durable coatings are no exception.