Fireplaces, while first impressions lead people to think of warm and cozy thoughts, are in reality one of the least heat efficient items in a home.

These are infrared pictures of a fireplace opening with and without a door installed. As you can see the temperature readout on the fireplaces with doors can be double that of those without.

It is also helpful to note that fireplace doors are not intended to be closed during the fireplace operation. The main purpose behind doors is for heat efficiency while the fireplace is not in operation.


(Without / With)

(Without / With)

Door Styles

We offer 3 major door styles,  options can vary by the model of door but most doors offer all 3 options:

  • CV1 (Cabinet)
  • CV2 (Tracked)
  • FS2 (Bi-Fold Swing)

CV1 Door Style

CV1 – Sometimes referred to as ‘Cabinet Style’ the CV1 is a single pane of glass for each door, hinged only at the frame. Clean and contemporary but bear in mind the doors swing way out over the hearth.

CV2 Door Style

CV2 – Commonly known as ‘Tracked Style’, this door has a bi-fold hinge on each door but follows a track. Good for places where doors could get banged up easily against outer stone or other surround materials. A good example of a popular application is in the commercial building industry, such as hotels.

FS2 Door Style

FS2 – Also known as ‘Bi-Fold Swing’, this is the most common style of door sold in the market today. Nearly all the doors in our lineup offer an FS2 style available.

The center hinge allows the door to swing and tuck flush against the surround off the frame. It also allows for easier cleaning of the inside portion of the glass as compared to the ‘Tracked’ or CV2 style door.

Glass Options

Our Lifetime Warranty Tempered Glass comes in three optional tints, Clear, Bronze and Grey (aka Smoke). Bronze Glass is considered standard for all doors unless another choice is specified. Tinted glass helps to hide the unsightliness of a dirty fireplace when the doors are closed.


Channel Handles

Thermo-Rite was the originator of the Clearview design. In order to hold the glass with minimal frame the Channel Handle was invented. The Channel is the metal extrusion on the top and bottom of each pane of glass that connects it to the hinges. The handle is, well, the handle. ‘Nuf said. These components are generally offered in their own finish options allowing for a variety of combinations of Channel Handle finish to frame finish.

Know Your Fireplace

Fireplace doors can be divided into 4 major categories which nearly the entire line will fall under.

Knowing the type of fireplace and the style of door the customer desires will lead you to narrow into one of these 4 sections, which you will find in the table of contents in both catalogs.

Understanding this will help you focus on selections the customer likes and will work for their firebox.

Custom vs. Standard

Masonry vs. Zero Clearance