Introducing the Highlander!! Our Newest Custom Door

Handcrafted of steel angle iron, this enclosure was inspired by our wildly popular Thin-Line model. While the Thin-Line remains an inside fit only door, the Highlander offers overlap fit in the same sturdy frame with a 1” or 1 ¾” wide option. The Highlander is available in all Textured Powder Coat finishes and FS2 style doors are standard.
As with all Thermo-Rite fireplace enclosures, the new Highlander is built with a lifetime of use in mind. After all, it must stand up to the winds and cold temperatures of the Scottish Highlands, as the namesake suggests.

Celebrating Family

Here at Thermo-Rite Manufacturing we are more than just co-workers we are a family.  And like any family we celebrate important milestones.

Earlier this year we celebrated a milestone and a retirement!

Joe Hagan has been part of the Thermo-Rite Family for 25 years.  Working in almost every department he is one of our most experienced and valued employees.

We celebrate Frank Seese’s retirement and 13 years of service.  Frank has been a loyal member of the Thermo-Rite family.  He has been an asset to the team and will be greatly missed.  We wish Frank well in retirement and hope that every day is as full of joy as he brought to work every day.

(Pictured Joe Hagan, Roy Allen, Frank Seese)