Normandy Deluxe

CustomMasonry | Welded Aluminum


The Normandy Deluxe is a 1/8” welded 2” aluminum channel frame enclosure. It is available as an inside or overlap fit. The maximum overlap for this frame is 1 1⁄2” for sides and 3/4” for the top with curtain.

Features & Specs

Door Styles

Only available in CV1 twin full-swing trackless doors.

Standard Glass

1/4″ tempered bronze, clear or grey glass with lifetime warranty.

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There are no finishes available.

Heritage Colors:

How Do I Get One?

  • Your Specifications

  • Our professional dealers produce and rely on their own measurements. These estimates help prepare them with essential important information to help you receive the best possible enclosure. Thanks!

  • measurements

    1, 2, and 3 are dimensions from fireplace opening to an obstruction such as mantle surround, wall or any protruding object that would prevent enclosure from overlapping.