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Hidden hinges, are just one attribute that sets the Contour apart from the competition.  Laser cut steel and rounded edges on both the outside of the frame and both edges of the channels.

The lack of visible hinges and rounded corners make the Contour our cleanest looking door.  This is a must have door for those looking for a minimalist look.

Features & Specs

Door Styles

Available with CV2 bi-fold tracked doors or FS2 bi-fold full swing trackless doors.

Standard Glass

¼” tempered bronze, grey or clear colored glass with lifetime warranty

Mesh Option

Heavy 19 gauge mesh curtain, 1/8″ flattened expanded steel

25 gauge mesh door

Installation Manual

Owner’s Manual and Installation Guide

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There are no finishes available.

Heritage Colors:

How Do I Get One?

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  • Our professional dealers produce and rely on their own measurements. These estimates help prepare them with essential important information to help you receive the best possible enclosure. Thanks!

  • measurements

    1, 2, and 3 are dimensions from fireplace opening to an obstruction such as mantle surround, wall or any protruding object that would prevent enclosure from overlapping.