Thermo-Rite’s stock Z-Doors are made as inside fits. We use Air Studs™ or an Air Draft Bar™ to elevate the frame so that it maintains the cooling air intakes located inside the firebox. In most applications, we allow an air space between the outside of the enclosure and the firebox opening. The Z-Door is a sleek, full-framed, tarnish free anodized aluminum enclosure.

Clearview Mesh

The design simplicity and coloring of the Clearview Mesh Door accentuate the beauty and appeal of flickering flames and glowing embers in any fireplace style.  Crafted of anodized aluminum, this enclosure has 2-3/4” top and side panels and an 11/16” bottom panel. Available in Copper, Pewter, Natural Iron, Black Iron, Grey Iron, Bronze Iron, Old Iron, Moss Iron.

Twin Panel Mesh

The all new Twin Panel Mesh Door has a framework constructed of anodized aluminum with 2 3/4” top and side panels and an 11/16” bottom panel.

The twin panel mesh door features a 1/8” flattened, expanded 25 gauge steel mesh securely mounted in an anodized aluminum-extruded frame.


The Reserve offers a smorgasbord of finish, door, glass and size options to satisfy the most discriminating taste and complement any design décor. A variety of traditional iron finishes and our newest color options — copper and pewter — guarantee just the right look to accent any fireplace and home style. Constructed from anodized, painted aluminum with 2-3/4” top and side panels and a 11/16” bottom panel, glass options include grey or clear standard glass; bronze, grey or clear beveled glass; or bronze mirrored glass. Available with CV2 bi-fold tracked doors or FS2 bi-fold full swing trackless doors. Choose from standard frame widths or use the Custom Order Form #2 for custom size widths.


Clean … straight lines … yet with a hint of curved detailing combine together to present “The Celebrity” glass fireplace enclosure. With its 4 9/16” wide frame and full-swing, bi-fold trackless doors, this enclosure adapts itself to any home décor and styling. As a stock door, the Celebrity is the perfect selection for a homeowner looking to make a dramatic change to a selected living space in a short period of time.