The Z-Phantom is an anodized aluminum enclosure with thin 1/4″ sides and a 3/4″ top and bottom frame. It is available as an inside fit only.


The Z-Track is an anodized aluminum track and glass enclosure with 3/4″ wide top and bottom tracks. It is available as an inside fit only.


Introducing the Phantom, a high quality custom look in a medium price range with multiple color options. It has Phantom 1/4″ sides that are very thin – and in some cases – invisible. A Track & Glass that is truly in a full frame featuring our 1/4″ CV2 or FS2 Clearview® bifold doors and tarnish – free anodized aluminum frame.


Thermo-Rite’s most popular brass plated enclosure features 2 coats of  baked-on lacquer. This exclusive Regal feature is only one of many that gives it a lifetime of tarnish-free beauty.