The Normandy is designed to complement any home decor. This model is available in a wide range of color finishes and two handle styles. The Normandy is a classic style that will stand the test of time in any room setting.


The Z-Phantom is an anodized aluminum enclosure with thin 1/4″ sides and a 3/4″ top and bottom frame. It is available as an inside fit only.

Complete Reface

A zero-clearance fireplace can provide a home with years of performance; however, the look can become outdated and not match a room’s current décor. A simple solution to enhance and provide your existing fireplace with a fresh appearance is a Complete Reface Door Enclosure. Constructed of 1″ steel square tubing for a welded frame. Please note that the door needs to be installed in such a manner that it sits on the hearth for support.

Direct Vent

Enhance the appearance of an existing direct-vent fireplace by adding a Direct-Vent Fireplace Accessory Mesh Door. Three different louver styles are available including the Leaf Scroll, Diamond or Navaho Louver to complement any room. Accent any room by adding an eye appealing mesh door that attaches to an existing fireplace door with extra strength magnets. It’s as easy to install and makes for easy glass cleaning. Perfect for any direct-vent fireplace.


Thermo-Rite’s stock Z-Doors are made as inside fits. We use Air Studs™ or an Air Draft Bar™ to elevate the frame so that it maintains the cooling air intakes located inside the firebox. In most applications, we allow an air space between the outside of the enclosure and the firebox opening. The Z-Door is a sleek, full-framed, tarnish free anodized aluminum enclosure.


Z-Decor is an anodized aluminum enclosure with a  3/4″ wide frame. It is available as an inside fit only.  Air space is allowed on the sides, top, bottom or combination to provide the same air flow as the manufacturer of the zero clearance fireplace.


Introducing the Phantom, a high quality custom look in a medium price range with multiple color options. It has Phantom 1/4″ sides that are very thin – and in some cases – invisible. A Track & Glass that is truly in a full frame featuring our 1/4″ CV2 or FS2 Clearview® bifold doors and tarnish – free anodized aluminum frame.

Outdoor Patio

The Outdoor Patio Door features a 1/8″ welded aluminum 2″ with twin full-swing trackless glass doors and locking handles. The Outdoor Patio Door is ideal for a custom look and fit on any outdoor fireplace.

Normandy Eco-Tite

Eliminate cold drafts around your fireplace with the new Normandy Eco-Tite glass fireplace enclosure. The Normandy Eco-Tite is a welded 2″ channel frame enclosure. It is available as an inside or overlap fit. The maximum overlap for this frame is 1 1/Ž2″ for sides and 3/4″ for the top with curtain.

Normandy Spark Guard

The Normandy Spark Guard is a 1/8” aluminum 2” channel frame enclosure. It is available as an inside or overlap fit. The maximum overlap for this frame is 1 1⁄2” for the top and the sides.