Rectangular Heritage Frame With Arched Doors

The Rectangular Heritage with Arched Doors is a seamless lasercut ¼” welded steel plate frame with either a 1 ¾” or 2 ½” wide frame. It is available as an overlap or inside fit. The maximum overlap for 1 ¾” frames is ¾” each side and ¾” top. The maximum overlap for 2 ½” frames is 1 ½” each side, 1 ½” top. The inner return of the frame will extend 2 ½” into the opening. For special requirement, shapes or sizes, please contact the factory.

Heritage Arch Plate

The Heritage Arch is a 1/4″ welded steel plate enclosure with either a 1 3/4″ or 2 1/2″ wide frame in a full arch or arch plate design. It is available as an overlap fit only.

Heritage Full Arch

The Heritage Arch is a 1/4″ steel plate enclosure with either a 1 3/4″ or 2 1/2″ wide frame in a laser cut full arch or welded arch plate design. It is available as an inside or overlap fit.


The Cameo, one of Thermo-Rite’s “Track & Glass In Frame” style enclosures, has a 7/8″ plain mitered frame and a 3/8″ mitered inner frame return providing a sleek Bi-Level look. The Cameo is ideal for a custom look and fit on any fireplace.

Heritage 2Day

For more than two decades the Heritage has been our flagship premium level door and remains timeless, in both style and durability. So how do you improve on a classic door such as this? By offering, yet another, industry first from Thermo- Rite. We are proud to introduce the Heritage 2 Day steel fireplace enclosure with the same hand craftsmanship and heavy welded steel frame as the original but now offered in our 2 Day quick ship program. We analyzed the dimensions of over fifteen thousand fireplace openings and the outcome was a list of the some of the most common dimensions to fit the majority of standard fireplaces. Now, uncompromised quality and design are available at a moment’s notice, mesh curtains included