Cozy Grate Heater


  • 40,000 BTU’S of Heat Per Hour
  • 100 CFM Blower (variable speed)
  • Rheostat and Thermostat Controlled
  • Steel Tubing Warranted for 3 Years.
  • Turns On Automatically at 110˚ F and Off at 90˚ F.
  • All Electrical Components are U.L. Approved & 1 Year Warranty.

All units come with front rail 1 3/8” high and 51 1/4” wide. Glass door sits on top of front rail and is elevated 1 3/8”. If your door is an inside fit, you must have 1” extra depth to accommodate the depth of the grate heater. On left hand motor
models the right side of the heater is solid steel (no opening for gas line).


Stock Cozy Options

Rear log guard (#HGH-RLG)

Replacement Parts

Rheostat (#TSRV01-510)
Thermostat (#TSRV01-531)
Motor for Grate Heater (#TSRV01-500)
Extender (12″ with lip).